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I wrote a new piece on how to create / use your personal brand to do everything and anything. ch-ch-check it out:

How to Win People and Influence Friends on The Internet

some good tips in this one!

HEY GUYSSS, I have a new website dedicated just to my stand-up / writing. It’s all inclusive!! I’ll probably still post about comedy some on this blog, promote shows every now and then, etc. but the site is a lot more official.

check it ooooout


My friend dontharshmystache made words on twitter and then I drew them. 

P.S.: If you have any favorite tweets worth drawing, please let me know.

this tweet is now immortalized in ink thanks to naomimaria!!

taken by the soberest audience member

GUESS WHAT’S BACK?? Everything Will Be Okay @ thecrownbaltimore 
hilarious, life affirming stand-up comedy hosted by yours truly. c’mon & hang out this upcoming Thursday!! (poster by naomimaria)

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