Y’ALL: this show is happening on WEDNESDAY, October 8th!! And Mike Finazzo just got added to the bill. So, insanely crazy good times ahead!

tomorrow night!!


Enrique Martínez Celaya (Cuban/American, b. 1964), The Turning Tide, 2014. Oil and wax on canvas, 78 x 60 in.



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so SO good


I wrote a new piece on how to create / use your personal brand to do everything and anything. ch-ch-check it out:

How to Win People and Influence Friends on The Internet

some good tips in this one!

HEY GUYSSS, I have a new website dedicated just to my stand-up / writing. It’s all inclusive!! I’ll probably still post about comedy some on this blog, promote shows every now and then, etc. but the site is a lot more official.

check it ooooout


My friend dontharshmystache made words on twitter and then I drew them. 

P.S.: If you have any favorite tweets worth drawing, please let me know.

this tweet is now immortalized in ink thanks to naomimaria!!

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